Patient Testimonials

I was tired of having my dentures not fitting me right. I saw some ads for one of those implant "Supercenters" and had a consult there. It was like being pressured into buying a used car "I had to schedule surgery that day otherwise the cost would go up, etc. etc." There was no way I was putting my health into the hands of used car salesmen so I went to see Dr. Dorfman on the advice of a close family friend. Thank God! His bedside manner is the best I have encountered and his staff is amazing. I Had an All On Four dental implant procedure done and had teeth the same day working with my family dentist, not to mention it was several thousand dollars less than the "Supercenter".
- J.R., Phoenix, AZ
The Pillar Procedure the best thing I've ever done. I wasted a lot of money and time on store bought items and was very displeased. MY WIFE AND I ARE FINALLY SLEEPING IN THE SAME BED AFTER 2 YEARS!! I'm telling all of my friends about your office. This is truly incredible. Dr Dorfman saved our marriage.
- B.P., Scottsdale, AZ
My husband and I both had the Pillar Procedure and we don't have to leave the room at night to get away from each others horrific snoring. Our snoring was putting a huge strain on our marriage, but now we are sleeping together each night without any disruption. This was the best decision we ever made. Your staff made us feel warm and welcome. We have told all of our friends how you saved our marriage. Thanks Dr. Dorfman.
- L.M., Phoenix, AZ
I had the Pillar Procedure done 8 weeks ago and my husband told me that my once "freight train" snoring is now all but gone. He has not been so well rested in years. I could not be happier with the results. I can't believe I waited so long to have this done.
- D.M., Anthem, AZ
I can't believe a 15 minute procedure with no down time got rid of my snoring in such a short period of time. My wife's friend had the Pillar Procedure done and was extremely happy so I had it done. This was the best decision I ever made. My relationship has been saved.
- T.S., Scottsdale, AZ
My husband and I are finally sleeping in the same room every night. We haven't made it a week in over a year. The Pillar Procedure saved our marriage, not to mention the energy we both now have from getting a full night's sleep. I tell everyone about Dr. Dorfman and his amazing staff.
- J.N., Phoenix, AZ
As a professional in the marketing industry, my appearance is very important. Because of recent illness and chronic infections, some of my teeth needed to be replaced, and I began researching my options – finally deciding on implants rather than dentures or bridges.

After unsatisfactory meetings with three different doctors, I finally received a referral through my father, whose dentist recommended Dr. Dorfman.

I was so impressed with Dr. Dorfman – not only his personal warmth and the passion he has for his work, but also the fact that he has been trained in one of the best surgical programs in the country, and stays up-to-date with the latest technology and equipment.

Now, I am more than pleased with my implants. With their perfect color and shape, they look better than my natural teeth ever did. I'm also now more confident about eating during business lunches – and feeling free to show off my smile.
- Laurie P.
Until recently, options for replacing several teeth – dentures or partial dentures – were not all that appealing.

Sam, then 82, lived with removable, partial dentures for nearly 50 years before he decided on implant-supported bridges. Sam wanted an alternative that would eliminate the discomfort he felt when his dentures pinched and rubbed his soft gum tissue.

Problems associated with wearing dentures can include unattractive changes in facial features, collapse of jaw and decreased chewing ability.

"The implants are better than the teeth I was born with," Sam states. "Now I can eat without experiencing pain. It's the best decision I ever made."
According to a study in the Journal of Dental Research, 40% of older Americans are missing some teeth and 10.5 percent are edentulous, or without teeth.

When a person loses his or her teeth, the bone that once supported the teeth starts to resorb or deteriorate. A removable denture can further this degenerative process by placing pressure on the bone.

Years of wearing dentures left Agnes, then 70, with unattractive facial changes. She required surgery to prepare her mouth for implant-supported bridges.

An implant-supported bridge or denture can stop bone deterioration. The implants stimulate the bone to return to a healthy state.

"Wearing dentures for 42 years caused the area around my lips to cave in and changed the shape of my face," Agnes said. "Bone grafting surgery, along with implants, helped to correct this problem."
By the time Robert was 60, he had undergone multiple root canals, fillings and tooth extractions to salvage his teeth. Despite preventive measures, the condition of Robert's teeth deteriorated and he eventually lost 18 out of 26 teeth.

"As the condition of my teeth was worsening, I found myself smiling less," said Robert, who is now 63. "I noticed that I was doing a lot of things differently because I didn't think my teeth looked good."

Robert's self-esteem improved when a set of dental implants restored his smile.

"Dental implants have really changed my life in so many ways," Robert said. "And I owe it all to Dr. Dorfman."